John 10:29

My Father who has given them to Me is greater than all. No one can snatch them out of My Father’s hand.


What is the mission and vision of 1 Stone Ministries?

What We see in our Christian Culture today:

The results of decades of neglect. Neglect of father’s teaching their children right and wrong. We see case after case of single parent households. We hear millions of Millennials and Gen X’rs screaming “We’ve been lied to” and they are right. Not only have they been lied to, but older generations have been lied to as well.

It is the Mission of 1 Stone Ministries to be a clearing house of truth and encouragement and growth and learning.

Our stance is on the Grace of Christ and his blood shed on the Cross and the Word of God.

It is our Mission to help Christians to get a deeper understanding of the Bible and get a deeper knowledge of God the Father, Jesus our Savior, and the Holy Spirit. You can’t know God without a deeper grasp of the Bible.

Genesis to RevelationWe will occasionally have to speak in truth and love and question the Theology of what someone is saying. For far too long there has been no one speaking the truth in love when someone or a group puts out incorrect information and it causes confusion in the Body of Christ and pulls the focus away from Christ and the Cross.

If we do question the theology of what someone or a group is saying, we will do so because of love. Love of our Savior Jesus Christ and God the Father, and love for the truth in the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.

We do not want to attack any one person; we do not want to hurt or tear down anyone or their ministry. However, We do want to speak in truth so that maybe that person will turn from the incorrect theology they are dispensing or at least others won’t be deceived and led astray.

We take this task on willingly, because when God calls you, you should never ignore his calling. However, we daily seek wisdom from God and are daily in prayer. We operate with love and from the point of edification and education. it’s never a fun thing to have to point out correction of another brother or Sister. However, if it was important enough for Paul to give us instruction and direction to do so, then it is important to be diligent and watching and encouraging and growing and helping others grow.

If we call an article, website, video or book into question, it is always done from the point of “If something is wrong or appears to be wrong because the Holy Spirit is tugging at our hearts, then we will pray, research then respond.

In today’s world where there is so much going on there is little time to waste, if we’re dealing with a local person or a local situation, then the person or persons will be approached and the issue addressed and following the guidelines Paul gives us in the Bible, either proceed to address the issue with the person (group) or we will consider the issue resolved.

There are many individuals or groups online who feel the freedom to argue or point fingers because it’s their God given right. They are only dividers of the flock and are in sin.

If we hear back from the person (group) that they have thought and prayed about the situation and they see that the Bible stands against their statements, then as soon as we hear from them, we will post an update.

For the sake of others in the future our original post will stand because the topic was important enough from a spiritual and educational standpoint it might help others not go down that path in the future.

At no time will any of the articles we write be from a, “I’m better than you” or an I’m smarter than you or any other derisive approach. It will always be about the subject. Even if we’re asking the person if they’re being wise or stupid in their choices it’s about the choices not the person. Ad Homonyms are never appropriate. Everything should be considered and rendered from the Bible and the Bible alone.

2 Timothy 3:16-17

Our Vision

There has been a great falling away in the Modern Church, especially in America. Most Pastors coming out of “Theology School” rarely if ever preach on the Old Testament and how it points to the New Testament. They rarely if ever teach on the Jewish culture, history and festivals. If you fail to teach the history and culture of the Old testament, you are damning most of your flocks to not truly understanding the New Testament. Most churches today teach canned sermons from Rick Warren or other resources.

Generation X'rs have been lied to I’ll never forget the day 13 years ago that I was sitting in a church in Anchorage Alaska and the entire 40 minute “teaching” time was taken up by two assistant pastors sitting on stools reading “Yertle the Turtle” By Dr. Seuss. When the Pastors were done reading back and forth page after page, they proceeded to tell us about what the story had for our lives.

There is a reason why Paul Tells us to not eat spiritual food for babies but to be growing in the faith.

We want to help further the equipping of the saints. While this should be done by ministers of the faith in a church setting, it isn’t for the most part, so as a body of believers we should try to fill in where there are gaps if we have experience in the word.

We believe that what the youth of the world is crying for and seeking is the truth.

For the most part the youth that left the church have left because instead of getting truth they were getting a watered down gospel and canned sermons and rather than getting a fresh truth seasoned by experience a love and honesty, they were getting a secularized version of churchianity. Christianity in name only. If the Church is no different from the world, why should people waste their time and energy.

If you sit in a pew for 50 years and the shape of your butt is forever etched in the seat and you go to hell when you die what did it prosper you?



It is unfortunate but true, that witchcraft and Lucifer worship and Ouija boards, and tarot cards, yoga and out of body experiences are more exciting and honest than most of today’s church. Millenials Have Been Lied To

The world expects the dark side to be evil, after all we’ve had Darth Vader for over 3 decades to teach us about evil.

When you have the Church bringing in bars and booze to attract alcoholics and bring in Broadway producers to stage plays and when you preach watered down sermons that teach nothing about real Theology or Apologetics or what the difference is between exegesis and eisegesis… Why go to church where you have to pretend to be holy and never really learn about holiness when you can go worship Lucifer and practice out of body experiences and witchcraft and just let it all hang out.

Genesis to RevelationToo many pastors have gone into the ministry today because of the call of money because of the proliferation of Name it and Claim it and prosperity preachers. Then you have people who have apparently pretended to Christians like Josh Harris who preach a semi good gospel but when the going gets a little rough he gets going. You can’t truly bend your knee to Christ and worship him as your King and Master and then just one day decide you’re not a Christian, it doesn’t work that way.

This is our WHY!

There are so many deceived people that don’t know or no longer care about the truth in the Bible that we want to come along side and help people that might be searching. When people are dying and going to hell and eternal separation from God, how can we not speak out and do everything we can to try and help them?